: Nothing like an old bike…

Our last shoot was so much fun, and as you’ve probably already seen, featured a gorgeous vintage bicycle (amongst other cool props…). Part of the process of preparing for this shoot was finding the absolutely right bike, one that instantly looked very ‘Tree Of Life’ to go with our new collection.
We knew the standard bike store was just not gonna come up with the goods.
We knew for sure it had to be vintage, but it had to be feminine, it had to be cool… and it definitely had to have one of those gorgeous baskets up front!
So, the research started, and part of that involved the serendipitous discovery of Sydney Vintage Bikes, check them out here. Imagine how happy we were to find this treasure trove of everything we wanted… each of their bikes has its own funny little personality, and somehow makes bicycle riding seem elegant! We were charmed. There’s obviously no reason we can’t be super-green, energy-efficient and stylish all at the same time. 
Negotiating the traffic may take a little getting used to, but we’re going to give it a go! 

PS – If you want to check out more vintage bikes for sale, definitely browse the bike exchange and if you want to follow the tales of a die-hard vintage bike rider (and dresser) you must read diary of a vintage girl.