: Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

Everybody needs a dreamcatcher. Originally dreamcatchers were a Native Indian traditional object with the power to filter out bad dreams, only allowing sweet dreams to become caught in the woven web and slip down the feathers into infant’s dreams.

But dreamcatchers hold such a beautiful and positive story that they’ve been adopted by cultures all over the world. They are like charming fairy tale guardians held above the bed… and not just for babies anymore. Of course we would love the use of thread, feathers, beads and colour to create such a lucky charm, but we are especially into layering the dreamcatchers (like in the window above) to create beautiful shadows and shapes in afternoon light.

We’ve always got a few around, but right now in store we have some incredibly vibrant deep green and aquamarine dreamcatchers that we are all coveting…. come and see and start your new collection. x