: Carribbean Island Adventures

Travelling in South and Central America was like waking up in Paradise every day.  Places like this gorgeous island in the Caribbean are what kept me there for 3 years, adventuring across seas, through jungle and over mountains.


You can’t beat the local markets for food.  Tropical fruits, superfoods and sacred potions are abundant, and losing yourself in the labyrinth of stalls is the best way to get to know the heart and soul of the culture.  You won’t get by in Latin America without a machete – you can use it for everything from cutting a piña to forging a new path through the jungle.


Chasing waves took me to some incredible places.  My boyfriend and I surfed deserted beaches in Panama, Nicaragua and Peru, and hooked up with the surfista crew in Costa Rica, El Salvador and Mexico.  Riding perfect waves at Playa Hermosa in Mexico was a highlight, which leaves me with a feeling I could never forget, too glorious for words.


Checking the waves in a deserted part of the Nicaraguan North Coast.


One of the many perks of being a photographer was this “work trip”, sailing from Panama to Colombia – paradise on earth.  This area is still off the tourist map due to the proximity to the Darien Gap, an area which is on the radar for sketchiness (drug trafficking, kidnappings, etc).  This means that the adventurous travellers get places like this all the ourselves .



I love shooting fashion and I love shooting travel photography.  When beautiful moments like this occur and the two genres collide in a beautiful display of culture and humanity, my heart sings.  These lovely ladies live in the San Blas Islands off the coast of Panama in the Caribbean Sea.  (Read more about them on my previous post …)


 Take me back.  I feel blessed to have visited such perfect places and always remember that heaven exists here on earth….just waiting to be discovered.

!Pura Vida! xx

This blog is written by our friend, Alicia Fox – photographer, eco-warrior & adventurer. Visit her website: Alicia Fox Photography