: How to Make a Dreamcatcher

The most beautiful gifts are made by hand, with love.  Channel your creativity by making this beautiful dreamcatcher from found objects.


Things you’ll need:

1. 3 sticks

2. assorted feathers/shells/beads/crystals for decoration

3. scissors

4. coloured or natural string

5. florists twine



1. Place sticks in a triangle formation.


2. Using florists twine secure your frame together, tying the stick ends to make a triangle shape.


2. Once your frame is secured tightly you can begin weaving.

3. Tie a secure double knot at the right side of the top joint of your frame using string.


4. Form a ‘u’ shape with the string and feed your string under and through, pulling tight.


5. Continue this step, making sure the sections created are equal in length, and the string is being pulled tight.


6. Once the first layer of weaving is completed on the frame, continue the same action using the first layer of string as the base instead of the frame.


7. Continue weaving the pattern to grow your web. You can decide whether to leave a large or small hole in the center. You can also add gems or beads as you weave.


8. Once the weaving is complete it’s time to decorate! Use feathers, crystals, beads, shells or anything else you have.


9. To secure the feathers: use glue on the feather tip and wrap the tip in string. Tie the end of the string with the feather to the bottom of your dreamcatcher.


10. Repeat this process for shells & crystals. Make sure they are wrapped securely and tight.


11. To finish, tie a strand of the florists twine to the top joint of your frame and secure a loop to hang your dreamcatcher.


Sweet dreams!