: Three Blue Ducks set up farm…in Byron Bay

With a love of fresh seasonal produce, community and delicious food, the Three Blue Ducks team are set to join with farmer Will Cotterill in Byron Bay to create a restaurant within an old dairy called The Farm. We sat down and had a chat with co-owner Chris at the restaurant in Bronte about their plans…

i-bmJEiyLkdNMb4Y3qFN2rKEZKSLfLYLCJZGe8jWQQE“It’s really sustainable, growing it locally and making amazing food with all the produce. That has always been our dream project.” The set up at The Farm will include a cheese factory, a range of organic horticultural produce, farm-stay accommodation, as well as keeping its own pigs, cows, and chickens for organic eggs, along with the restaurant run by the team behind Sydney’s Three Blue Ducks. The restaurant will seat about 100 guests and will be built in an agricultural shed. Chris tells us that it will cater for everyone, with a relaxed atmosphere and a place where children can run around in the garden and pet the farm animals.


i7HfpYhuU02JqgGKoK4X5ka0fOz4OWB2TKCp7MXVlGoAt Bronte, we ate a delicious coconut lime, strawberry and mint rice pudding for breakfast and enjoyed the chilled, beachy ambiance.

l_RwoFdjx_WqBSvl0gbHis_6XW_9zKczTT_PGebJAYEAfter breakfast we took a wander out the back to explore their beautiful produce garden. A hint of things to come for their plans up North…Up at the Byron farm there will be so much fresh food harvested that they will be able to provide fresh produce for locals as well.

TR_xG4p3rgg-OrPeD9zE-8I3INZB4asyXN_vYy1hw2oWe were greeted by free roaming chickens, butterflies and bees.  Such a special place!


QjUo5wp1IbKf9M1UqsnOMtWXwj1xbzjEGQxtyVzSJ3IPlans are afoot for a big celebration feast with live music and lots of family and friends for the opening of the new Byron place in February 2015. Good luck guys!!

This blog post is by our PR gal-about-town and foodie Ashley Ruscoe