: The Art of Mehendi with Henna Earth


We were so happy to meet self taught henna artist Lou K aka @HennaEarth last week! She visited the Tree of Life Basecamp to demonstrate her amazing artwork and to talk about her love of henna and how it all started.


“I went to Dubai for a family trip and I discovered it,  fell in love and taught myself” Lou has always been an artist at heart and started off  drawing and doodling until she discovered the art of mehendi, where henna paste is applied to the skin in intricate designs that create a temporary tattoo.  When we saw her free style artistry we were amazed to learn she is self taught.



Lou draws her inspiration from the traditional mehendi artists in India where she hopes to be formally trained one day.


Lou’s tips for the henna beginner:

1. Go slow when you’re first starting out. You’ll naturally become faster as your brain learns the shapes you want to make.

2. Draw your designs first on paper and practice them to help you keep on track.

3. Apply a lemon sugar paste (recipe below) after your henna is dry. This will make the henna darker and last longer.



Lemon Sugar Recipe:

Pour a couple of teaspoons of sugar into a small, heavy iron pan.  Pour in just enough lemon to make the sugar wet.  Heat this till it’s clear and bubbly.  Let it cool. 

Once the lemon sugar is completely cool, and your henna is completely dry,  paint on the paste with a cotton swab.  Be very careful to not disturb the henna pattern.

Carefully blow dry the lemon/sugar glaze so it dries quickly. 


 Lou says of her mehendi craft: “I find it really relaxing and therapeutic, I don’t think about anything else while I’m working” 



Follow Lou on her inspiring henna journey at @HennaEarth


Try your hand at henna with our Henna Kit , which is ideal for beginners. The kit contains 2 x henna paste, a body stencil, henna oil and 3 different nozzles.