: Sweet Charity in India’s Heartland

On a recent trip to India we visited two local schools that receive support from Tree of Life. The schools are in a little town named Dhablepur, located  in a rural part of Maharashtra state, effected by drought and poverty. The Touch of Love charity that works in the town is one of the main avenues through which Tree of Life gives back to India, the source of much of our merchandise. The charity was selected because of it’s whole-hearted focus on the needs of children, and in particular their health, nourishment and education. 

1618531_10152215554289459_1548164238_nTree of Life provides the uniforms, tuition costs, and a nourishing midday meal for each child that attends. The meal is an important guard against malnourishment in this poverty-stricken area. 

1010224_10152215553994459_1428771959_nWe fell in love with the clear eyes and sweet gazes of the kids.

1625693_10152215553989459_929028362_nDuring our visit we talked to the children and teachers, played games and shared a simple lunch. There was a lot of excitement for the chocolate treats and ball games!

1620966_10152215554324459_647907464_nYounger brothers and sisters came along for the sweet treats. We loved this little boy’s drum major outfit…(note the chocolatey face and lolly-wrappers too)!

1497646_10152215554814459_1279226028_nA dononation of a full cricket kit was the best moment. These kids are cricket-crazy.

1621660_10152215556094459_1594334460_nThe school’s principal is a very sweet and caring man. He takes extra care of a young disabled girl (standing to his left), who is included in classroom activities. 

1017363_10152215555894459_84533035_nWe also visited the town’s mud-brick homes and donated rice and pulses to families in the area.


Our trip ended with a visit to the nearby Ellora Caves, a reminder of the incredibly rich and diverse heritage of India. We fell in love all over again with the colour and vibrancy of this country we are so lucky to work in. 

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