: Everlasting Flower Crowns

Everlasting Flower Crowns Tutorial | Tree of Life

Today, May 5th, is Cinco de Mayo and a special date in the Mexican calendar! Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of the Mexican victory over French forces way back in 1862 at the Battle of Puebla – you can learn more about that impressive victory here. Schools are closed and instead hold special events to educate students about it’s historical significance. Music and dancing and of course delicious food and drinks are consumed in celebration! Basically it’s one big party that we totally want an invite to!

Since we can’t just jump on a plane and be there right now (though wouldn’t that be magical?), we’re starting our own party and we’ve created these vibrant and fun flower crowns to wear…the best part? They’re everlasting!

Everlasting Flower Crown

What You’ll Need

  • A colourful collection of artificial flowers
  • Florist tape
  • Flexible wire
  • Headband
  • Scissors/Pliers

How to make your flower crown

1. Remove all the buds you want to use in your crown from their bunches…you’ll end up with a colourful pile of flowers just like ours pictured above!

2. Wire the flowers – we do this by wrapping the base of the flower with wire and securing it there with florist tape. If you fold up the end of the wire before you wrap, you can tuck the sharp ends under the tape.


everlasting_flower_crown_tutorial_033. Keep on wrapping until you end up with a lovely little collection.everlasting_flower_crown_tutorial_044. Now that you have some flowers to work with, let’s start attaching them to the headband. We wrapped our wired flower around the headband first then secured it with florist tape. You can do this one by one or if your stems are long and hold their position, a couple stems at a time will work.


Be sure to try it on in the mirror while working on it to see if you are happy with the shape. You can always make adjustments while you’re working on it, but it might be a little trickier once all the flowers are attached.

everlasting_flower_crown_tutorial_065. Continue wrapping and position your flowers until you have a beautiful full headband, like a garden in full bloom! And you are finished!


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