: Land of Colour, Travels in Nepal & India

Tree of Life founder, Wendy Borthwick spends a large part of each year in South Asia hand picking treasures, spending time with old friends and making new ones, and visiting the tomb shrine of Meher Baba in Maharashtra. She first travelled to India in 1968 and has returned so many times she’s lost count! These pictures are from her colourful Instagram feed, documenting this most recent visit.

 The women pictured above gather daily at a tap in Meherabad, a desert village in Maharasthra, to collect free water.( Meherabad is the place where Meher Baba’s tomb shrine is located). This is a communal event with the women taking time out and enjoying the shade and company before balancing the pots on their heads for the walk home.

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I love the imaginative use of paint and plants to add life and colour to an old shed in a very dry, barren landscape.

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Fabulous, colourful genie shoes and sandals hanging haphazardly in a desert bazaar…. You don’t see these around so much anymore. They always add that touch of whimsy and magic!

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The legendary spices of India displayed in a street market. The colour always catches your eye and yes, spices everything up.

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Henna artist in a Delhi roadside market. Her name is Krishna and she is our favourite – creative, quick, dexterous and always warm and friendly.

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An Indian bride arrives in a fairytale carriage, exploding with fireworks. She remained poised and elegant throughout – quite a feat. People everywhere, a photo drone overhead , loud devotional music, very hot, heavy clothing, not to mention those fireworks!!

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The groom arriving with his barat (wedding party). It was about 40 degrees and he’d just spent two hours on a horse outside with men dancing and drumming around him. He is the son of one of our long-time suppliers who makes our marvellous gypsy cushions and tuftis. It was a spectacular wedding.

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A group of beautiful, boho travellers caught chatting and laughing on the streets of Kathmandu just one day before the earthquake. We hope and pray they are all fine. 

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Kathmandu fruit stall, a real work of art. Again, just one day before the earthquake. Our hearts go out to the wonderful Nepali people and all they have endured and lost. We intend to help and support them as they recover and also continue to trade with them. We firmly believe trade is aid in the long term.

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Mangoes…. The delicious glory of the long, hot Indian summer. Yum! This guy was really keen to have his photo taken and I think he did a pretty good job. 

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Atmospheric vegetable stall in Delhi market. I particularly loved the paint decay turquoise wall, the framed poster of Indian Gods and the rustic wooden ladders.

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 Gujurati gypsy skirts on sale in a Kathmandu market. Nothing matches this Gujurati embroidery for beauty, colour and drama.

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