: Adventure Is Out There

We were first mesmerised by the beautiful photos on @vdesertchild’s instagram as she posted about the dream summer roadtrip through the west coast of the USA she was on with her friends. We had to know more… This is the journey of three girls on the road looking for adventure, driving from San Diego California, to Seattle Washington.

Our first stop Santa Cruz and Big Sur, the perfect combination of woods and turquoise beaches. Hiking in Santa Cruz, encountering wild crazy bees in the river creeks was a blessing.



A ferry took us to Olympic National Park, where we hiked and climbed 9 miles to a secret beach in La Push. Delirious by the hike and our heavy backpacks we finally got to open some local beers and rest by the bonfire. No tents, only with our sleeping bags we fell asleep with the full moon and mystic sky.




Ho Forest and the rad “Hall of Mosses”. My crochet top was all I wanted to wear in the summer heat. You can never have too much green.




On our last days in Washington we spent mornings swimming at Lake Renault and camping beside creeks. It’s amazing how you can learn a lot from the element of water. Nature is wisdom.

IMG_6315 copy


Mount Rainer has my heart. Imagine green, green, green wildflowers and snowy mountains all around you. 


DSC_1156 copy


Next we were on the road to Smith Rocks State Park and the Painted Hills. All the way to Painted Hills was a transformation of sceneries, from pine trees to endless valleys to one of the raddest desert we’ve ever seen.


Crater Lake is located in South Central Oregon, by the collapse of a volcano and it is the deepest in the USA. Forever grateful by the magical sunrise and sunsets that Crater Lake shared with us. 




In my opinion, nature is the purest expression of love and it is meant to be shared. Like water go wherever you want to go and let nothing in the end stand against you. 


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