: Vintage Gyspy Home

 Dreaming of transforming your space into a gypsy wonderland? We’ve put together a collection of inspirational  style pics from some of our favourite boho stylists to show how it’s done. 

Vintage pieces are not only intricate and beautiful works of art, they also have interesting cultural story flowing back to where they were produced in Gujarat, India. The designs that cover the torans and chaklas (doorway hangings) are created using appliqué and reverse appliqué techniques common to the Indian Subcontinent. 

Torans & How to Use Them


Traditionally in Hindu culture, Torans are used to decorate the main entrance of the home. The main idea behind decorating the homes is to please and attract the goddess of wealth Lakshmiji.


For a modern take on these beautiful pieces, place a toran over your bed or favourite window… use turkish rugs, embroided cushions and vintage throws to continue the theme through any space. Or mix it up and add a pop of colour to a neutral space.


If you have large windows, a toran is a great alternative to a curtain and instantly transforms the area around it.




Chaklas & How to Use Them


There is often a symmetry to chaklas, created with floral and abstract patterns and the shape of the fabric to which they are applied. It’s not uncommon for the designs to include folk and religious motifs amongst the dense applique, mirror work, sequins and metallic thread.  

Chaklas and torans have often been used as articles of room decor but chaklas in particular should be place with a sacred space in the home. 


For a modern take on this, place your chakla on the wall as you would a decorative tapestry or use it as a window covering.


Use them as table coverings and runners under a collection of trinkets and plants.


Vintage Throws

Use a detailed throw over simple bedlinen with embroided scatter cushions to instantly turn your bedroom into boho haven! An indoor plant or two doesn’t hurt to really add life to the space.


intage-boho-homewares-inspiration-chaklas-torans-9Hang a throw from the wall or ceiling to add a true gypsy tent vibe!

Reinvent and rejuvinate your living room with a ornate throw tossed over it and a few co-ordinating cushions! Too fun!!


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