: Spring Rising

Even though there is beauty in darkness we welcome the bloom of Spring with open arms and look forward to being greeted by streets, parks and beaches filled with all the colours of the rainbow, afternoons by the seaside picking flowers, making daisy chains and soaking in the Sun.

The best things in life are right there in front of us, free of charge. krXHm2I64EtPf3ij2Df0tT6H2lpR_n102v6yAd-hj1M,ugwb2T92zJAMJ1QJvYTca6eJJgdcSA9SMyec2OURNJUNYhSaD_RVvQLNoV1zjCN6UpkfE0DvTpP-7RfbCQU71s,7m8We6xdY2Ai1-UapFDpEiB8BTikX1d2cSJ0EqVWfBMQm8bSJUSIdJkxi_m4MHYIuDVfCzNoeCl157_UU1HvZI,N07K3tLEZcn4n9sKCcnC3MKwduPeFF-QhkFinkpmEoQIt’s easy to get caught up and be blinded in the busy whirl wind we call existence but it only takes 20 minutes out of your day to go for a walk with a friend or two, even just your favourite playlist and a pair of headphones to re-connect with the beauty we live in so why not start in the prettiest season of them all. 

Words & Photography: Josh Hedge

Muse: Indigo Luna Scarlet

Clothing: Tree of Life