: Art of Nature

“Being able to live in places that are so abundant in revealing the beauty of nature has been the greatest basis for my inspiration. I am constantly surrounded with a flow of natural beauty; the forms of forests and trees, the raw coastlines with its endless supply of untouched beaches…everywhere I look, I tend to find some kind of inspiration.” t1b7pLEvwUwzajCa-5_y81uXkz1sh0XLME8-adIKK6s 2-6bCcNk8-tOq6g5_rIB1bSCxKFH4GgJuOeoT-vMA64 n0MN6fQA5b9i7huPYHc8T44zpzJObY3kAXsrlTuoQqw LpBSBM4ppWwuAa01EgCJlKpaq6qxN6iIL2heOZ0rKTE eKmvCTRIP60yQljFRvQpvveuxc_s-tOMR8rraCW35fc PMGEXXrQuF44pf2KM4waKfyHOe7BAYlOy2NezRzdSfw 9y7DCguetvy_9PNpsDZ8H72Gx1v3_EKRiqp6id2uU4s aZfub6LLGCxN1HeBA7wS_P9hsP8qbuwSYxAofuUAwNs

I love to be able to create something that makes you look further then just a quick skim over the page. Something that captures not only your eyes but a part of your soul; the part that longs for adventure, longs for the thrill of unfamiliar opportunities and a chance to lead a life of your most wildest dreams…

I’ve managed to live in a few awesome places throughout my little lifetime. I grew up in Bondi and moved to Margaret River in Western Australia when I was 20. I think living in 2 really different places sparked some pretty distinct and diverse ideas within me. I loved the hustle and bustle of the city life, with its ever-changing, transient characters coming and going. However, there was something about the rugged Wild West, which really stole my heart and became the foundation for most of my creative and artistic inspiration. 

I ended up moving to Byron about 6 months ago, I suppose in search of the perfect blend between the crazy city life and the humble surf town life, and I think I’ve definitely found my home.


Was there a turning point in your life where you made an out-of-the-blue decision to quit a job etc and realised that you can make a living out of doing what you love with your art, or was it a gradual progression through schooling / university ?

Sounds like the strangest reason, but from being bed-ridden from a silly knee issue, I was forced to spend a lot of time in the seat and this was what pushed my into pursuing my art full-time and actually believing I could make a living out of it. I couldn’t work and all I could do was sit and draw, so that’s exactly what I did. I started doing the markets and haven’t looked back since. Definitely a true believer in the saying…

“When one door shuts, another one opens.”


It’s noticable straight away from looking at your work that you have a love for nature and animals, is there something in-particular thats attracts you to drawing in this style as opposed to drawing portraits of people? 

I’m in my element when I am in nature so I cant help but want to replicate that in my own way.

Whats your favourite band, album or song of all time that you can never get tired of listening to, and why?

Hmm, it’s always changing. Anything that sounds good at the time…I tend to over-kill my favourite song or album and then never want to listen to it again haha! 


Describe your ideal working space as well as how you find living in Byron Bay as a creative?

My ideal working space would have to be propped up somewhere on a deserted beach or some wicked little creek/river that I’ve managed to stumble across. I love being outside in the open. Living in Byron is the ideal creative hub for me. There’s so many innovative people in this place and everyone is super keen to help each other out. We all want to see our friends succeed and it’s great to have that extra encouragement.


When you aren’t dabbling away on your beautiful artwork, where is your day being spent and is there any other hobbies / passions you like to balance your life out with aside from drawing?

Beach! Beach! Beach! Music and a bit of writing here and there.

I like to think I have my fingers in a few different pies but nothing really worth mentioning at this point.


Any last words you have to help inspire others to live a happy and content life whether they are a creative individual or not?

Learn to love yourself.

The essence of love is when you put your heart into what you love, you are engaged in your life and in touch with the nature of yourself and of your surroundings. Everything starts to flow perfectly in your life.


Artist: Annabelle Thomas

Photography & Interview: Josh Hedge

All Clothing: Tree of Life