: Boho Your Work Space

No matter what you do, bringing beauty into your work space nurtures creativity and good vibes. Working in Tree of Life’s creative tipi is a colourful, eclectic, bustling and super inspiring experience. We’re surrounded by samples, colour swatches, magazines, and mood boards. From this experience we’ve put together our guide to achieving the perfect bohemian work space to bring you endless creativity!

Here’s the “Before” pic:


Step 1: Create a collage on your office wall!



Make use of blank walls around your work space to create inspiration collages.  We use colourful washi tape, feathers and stickers to accent our mood boards and other things that keep us inspired about our brand. Frida love!!



Personal pics can add a touch of personality to your work space. Mini polaroids bring that vintage feel we love!



Step 2: Colour me happy 🙂

Keep your work space practical with your usual stationary, and cables, but brighten things up with colourful jars and hand painted cups.



Step 3. Add plants!

The ideal work space has all the tools you need without being cluttered. Add some plant life to freshen things up too.



Here’s a shot of our photographer’s current wall of inspo!



Artwork from other artists that we look up to bring so much motivation and enthusiasm to our own work.



Here’s our final before and after… remember, keep your space practical, but also create a place where you can do your best work, feel inspired and be happy.

xxx The Tree of Life Creative team