: Project for Nepal

We are raising funds to help re-build an orphanage in Nepal that was damaged in the earthquake and we need your help!_MG_7403_o

Tree of Life has always believed in giving back to the countries that nourish and sustain our business. From the 90’s on, we have sought out effective and sensitive ways to contribute. This is no easy task. Charity is notoriously challenging to do well and we have had our share of difficulties along the way. But we have persevered, always keeping in mind our main goal: for funds and support to go directly to the people who need it, not on fancy overheads and self promotion. IMG_5679We love and admire the Nepalese people and have seen first hand the effects of the earthquake in 2015, which have been devastating and far-reaching. We will be raising funds over the coming months to fund the re-building an orphanage in Nepal. We are working on this project with our Nepalese suppliers and A Touch of Love charity. This will be a collaboration that is lead by local Nepalese to ensure the result is good and meets the needs of the community.

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Funds for our charity projects are raised through the sale of particular items earmarked for the purpose in our stores, and more generally are taken from a proportion of our company profits. At the moment, sari-cloth bags are available for purchase with the full amount given to the Nepalese projects described above.

sari bag

Our goal is to raise $60,000 for these projects which begin in February 2016. The entire profits from the sale of our Recycled Sari Bags are being donated. This means we do not make any profit on sales of this item and are donating the cost of the bags. So, for every $2 bag that is purchased, $2 will be given. 



We send a heartfelt thank you to all of our staff and customers. These are your projects as much as ours. We are humbled and grateful for the generous and ongoing support we have received with these endeavors, so close to all of our hearts. Namaste.

To purchase our $2 Recycled Sari Bags for Nepal visit any Tree of Life store or click here

Scenic photographs by Chani Ridley

Photos of Nepalese children Wendy Borthwick