: Hippie Soul

With inspiration from our trips to Nepal, Hippie Soul captures the spirit of Bohemian wanderers. From coffee houses in cities far from home to nature trails through paths unknown, the global traveller aesthetic is one we all love. This collection features tie dye, crochet, sari fabrics and symbol print t-shirts, perfect for your next adventure here or away. With this collection we also celebrate our joint achievement with you our customers in raising $60,000 towards the rebuilding of an orphanage damaged during the earthquakes in Nepal. 













Photography: Shirin Borthwick & Molly Booth

Model: Lea Duffieux

Styling: Abigael Whittaker

Hmua: Ryan Farrajota

WE DID IT! Thank you to all our beautiful customers and staff who participated in the $2 sari bag fundraiser!

We are happy to announce that we have reached our target of raising $60,000 to rebuild an orphanage in Nepal. The Tree of Life owners are visiting Nepal during February/March to oversee the groundbreaking on these projects. We will keep you updated with our progress. Namaste!