: Art of MerakiLabbe

We first found and fell in love with Toronto-based artist Vanja Vukelic’s ethereal, colourful and quirky artwork through her instagram feed MeraKilabbe. Vanja’s work celebrates the divine feminine, higher consciousness and all things mother earth and we adore it! We chatted to Vanja about her work, her inspirations and also got some tips on unleashing your own inner creative…

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What is your star sign?

Libra and fully embracing it. I am very true to my air sign so direct communication, keeping the balance, higher consciousness, artistic expressions and a deep sense of caring for others explains my essence quite well.

What inspires your artwork?

Dreams and visions free from rational constraints, the abundance of all earth’s offerings, altered states of consciousness and the unknown.


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How would you describe your personal style?

It is a mix of minimalism and surrealism where I hope to express the alchemy of symbolism through a minimum composition and a maximum insight.

What message do you hope to share through your work?

I hope to share a message of the interconnectedness of life and express wider visions of awareness.

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What mediums do you use the most in your work?

I love working with graphic pens and markers, and am slowly learning to use watercolour as well. I am self taught, so exploring in different mediums is a slow but very enjoyable process. 


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Any tips on how to get your creativity flowing?

Yes! We are all in essence creative; it’s only a matter of choice we make in life which guide us to our own re-discovery. Stop watching tv, surround yourself with self-aware people, spend more time in nature, read for yourself, travel, eat healthily (mostly raw), pay attention to and record your dreams, dance more and meditate.

Thank you Vanja! 

Follow MeraKilabbe on instagram here and visit her online shop here.