: Floral Macrame Curtain

There is nothing like a bunch of fresh flowers to make room feel vibrant and alive. Their colour and fragrance can take a space to a whole new level and create an inviting atmosphere ideal for relaxing.

We are rethinking a classic and instead of simply placing our flowers in a little vase on the table, we’re weaving our fresh blooms into an intricate macrame curtain to create a feature for  your next event or party… or just for fun any old time!


What You’ll Need:

We used a few different varieties of flowers but keep in mind they will be out of water for some time so the more hardy your bloom is, the longer it will last.

Macrame Curtain

3 types of flowers – we used statice, daliahs, and asters.

We harvested 2 types of foliage from just outside! One with clusters of leaves and one that had lovely long vines to create a nice flow.


Twine (or florist tape if you have it)


Hang your Macrame Curtain where you intend to display it.


Lay out your blooms for quick and easy access. You’ll find it much easier to work with them spread out before you from the beginning.


Before you start attaching, think about what sort of look you would like to achieve – you could build you design from the top or from the centre and fade it out. We decided to create something that felt natural and organic, making it asymmetrical with two main clusters positioned at different heights on each side of the curtain.


We used our vines and foliage as a basis for the flow of the design and started by attaching them to the curtain, threading the ends through the weaving to secure it.


Once your basic structure is in place, start creating small arrangements of flowers, trimming the ends to be long enough to work into the weaving. Use twine or florist tape to keep your stems arranged and attach to the curtain. Continue to make arrangements, creating clusters of flowers and attaching them as you like around the curtain.




Build on the curtain, look for gaps to fill and be sure to hide ends with your small branches – you can always trim them back a little where necessary. Scatter single blooms amongst the branches to blend it into the curtain.




For a finishing touch, we added an Amethyst Pendulum to hang from from the centre.
Now sit back and enjoy your floral handiwork!


If you created your own Floral Macrame Curtain, we’d love to see it! Take a photo and tag @treeoflife_love with the hashtags #treeloves and #treeblogs on Instagram!

Words & Floral Styling by Leesa Mealing
Photography by Molly Booth