: Tattoo Sister Moons

The bonds of two sisters is as permanent as tattoos themselves. We loved the idea of something that bonded us together even more, and the idea matching artwork turned into tattoos. We got in contact with an artist we had loved for a long time, Bruno Borges (Penabranca), and worked with him explaining our concept of including our birth moons, the full moon and waxing crescent, into a design that also spoke about our connection as sisters. Next was searching for the perfect tattoo artist to bring the design into life on our skin. When we found Ellie Thompson on instagram, we knew she’d be perfect for the style with her clean lines and sharp detail.

We chatted to Ellie and snapped a few pictures while we got our tattoos last week… 

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 presetHow long have you been tattooing for?

I have been tattooing for three years, including my apprenticeship.

What got you interested in tattooing?

I always loved tattoos and art. I was getting tattooed regularly then also began spending hours drawing every night. My tattooist suggested to see if I could get an apprenticeship at her shop! Everything basically snowballed from there.

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Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 3.41.02 pm

How would you describe your personal style?

I hope that my personal style looks contrasting, clean, elegant, and overall readable. My style changes so much as I pick up new techniques etc. I don’t want to ever  just do one style, I love trying out different things and pushing myself to be a well rounded tattoo artist.

What is your favourite tattoo on yourself?

I don’t know if I could ever choose a favourite, usually it’s just the newest one! Right now I’d say I have a top three- the cicada on the back of my arm by Demi Iacopetta at Shanghai Charlies in Sydney, the decorative piece on my hand by my co-worker Mark Nara at Lighthouse Tattoo and my sternum/chest tattoo by Alvaro Flores at Korpus Tattoo in Melbourne.

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What inspires your artwork?

I am really inspired by my peers and the amazing work I see daily on my instagram feed. I also love Victorian and art nouveau patterns and decorative designs. I get easily inspired just looking at things around me like plants, flowers, architecture and design.

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What music are you listening to right now?

Right now (and most of the time) I listen to epic movie soundtrack type music! I have always loved it. At the moment I’m really into Lisa Gerrard and her band Dead Can Dance.

What’s your star sign?

I am a Gemini!

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What does the rest of this year have in store for you?

This year will be super exciting. I have just finished my paperwork and have fingers crossed for my US Visa to be approved. If this all goes well, I am planning on moving to New York for a while in September. Until then I am determined to find a work/life balance and enjoy some days off as well as trying to learn and progress as much as possible in tattooing.

Thanks so much Ellie! 

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