: We Are Stardust

In celebration of mama’s everywhere.. WE ARE STARDUST


Happy Mothers Day!

It’s an honour to be part of this little segment here, and have these gorgeous photographs with my boys. You’ve asked about my parenting style, which I have to say is developing, rather and hoc, over time. I have two wild boys (2 and 3 years old, and pregnant with a third. Gender unknown!) I grew up in a family of four girls. So I assumed my parenting style would be singing and dancing and crafting and planting. And generally being nice and calm and creative…. TURNS OUT my boys seem to have other ideas. They are mostly interested in banging and breaking and climbing and crashing. So my “mothering style” these days seems to be somewhere between letting them “be boys”, while simultaneously trying desperately to set some sort of boundaries– “only climb as high as you can get down yourself!”–  to stop them from hurtling themselves from tree tops. We have had a lot of falls. Turns out toddlers are rather suicidal.

I honestly thought I’d nail this motherhood lark. I’ve always been GREAT with kids. They’re cute! They love me! I mean, how hard can this be? And then I had my own. And I feel like maybe I’m having a nervous breakdown 90% of the time. The emotional rollercoaster, and the fear of messing it up, the consequences of every tiny decision suddenly seem so great and profound– daycares or unschooling, vegetarian or carnivores? Boundaries or freedom? Discipline or adventure? Health and wellness? It’s a balancing act of constant mind-bending, life-altering decisions! Although I am slowly learning, that mostly it’s all fine and we will all probably survive. Despite the fact that one son has a broken leg, the other is currently drawing on the sofa, and I just served toast for dinner.

But fundamentally, what I’m feeling right now, is that Motherhood [or mothering in any capacity, whether they are yours or not. Older or younger. Step, half, fostered or borrowed.] is the most selfless, humbling, spirit breaking, and rebuilding journey you can take your heart on. It busts your spirit wide open. It takes you back to the wonder and innocence of youth. It makes you see magic again. And create it. It is RELENTLESS. But as someone far wiser than me once said, each child is a “child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars.” And I live in gratitude every single day for the gift of these precious lives that I’ve been entrusted with…..while quietly longing for a chance to have a pee in peace.”

Love, Jetset mama
















Models: Claire Alexander-Johnston & her two boys, Atlas and Sochi

Photography: Molly Booth

Styling and shoot creative direction: Abigael Whittaker

Hair and make up: Alexis Mahoney

Film/second shooting: Josh Hedge