: Gathering of the Cosmic Gypsies

The annual Tree of Life Cosmic Gypsies Gathering took place in beautiful Byron Bay this year. Three fabulous days filled with bonding, beaches and boho style!

The first day was just for the store managers, women from our stores all over coming together to learn and share. On day two they were joined by our Basecamp team from Sydney, which was a great opportunity for so many to put faces to names. In the evening we all boogied down to old and new tunes…but no one danced quite as hard those Basecampers!

The third and final day together was spent on the vibrant and fun Magic Bus. Everyone piled on board, grooving out to some sweet 70s disco funk as we drove along the pristine coastline to Byron Bay. A quick pitstop at the beach, with everyone divided into teams and then… it was on!

An epic scavenger hunt took place down the main street of Byron Bay, giving everyone a chance to explore the town. We raced up and down the length of Jonson Street, eventually ending with a relaxed lunch by the water, exhausted from our activities but happy to be united one last time before saying our final goodbyes and going our separate ways home, wherever that might be!

Farewell until next year lovely cosmic gypsies! Thanks for the memories xx

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