: Spring is Here!

Spring has finally arrived! We walk through fields of wildflowers with Elfy Scott and contemplate what the new season will bring…

Tree of Life Blog - Spring is Here - Elfy Scott

The beginning of spring is unquestionably the most magnificent period of the year. We cast off the oppressive cloak of winter’s overcast days, incessant rains and too-many-layers and burst into weeks of graduating optimism. The sunlight begins to draw out further into our evenings and a drift of summer scents become ever more apparent. Our bodies are more readily exposed to the sunlight and we stretch our legs in the renewed warmth.

img_6077Long drives through luminescent green country are interspersed with flares of native flora signalling a departure from the cold stagnation and hordes of bandy-legged calves trotting aside their mums. To my mind, spring is not so much a season as it is a feeling – of new beginnings, of cleaner houses and burgeoning adventures, of feverish plans for summer and renewed energy within myself. The September vernal equinox translates to a new birth for our walk of the planet – a new birth of creatures, mind, and soul.


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Tree of Life Blog: Spring is Here - Tea Party

Elfy wears the Annalise Dress and the Kaylee Kimono

Words by Elfy Scott | Clothing & Homewares by Tree of Life | Photography by KaraRiley