: Indigo Sparke

Tree of Life Blog: Interview with Indigo Sparke

Billie Edwards sits down for a chat with one-to-watch, Indigo Sparke, about creativity, life and the female spirit.

Name: My name is Indigo Sparke
Star sign: Little Crab Baby (Cancer)
Hometown: Born in Sydney, Australia
Describe personality in 3 words: Wild, Raw, Honest

Tree of Life Blog: Interview with Indigo Sparke

Tell us what you do:

I exist in the space in between. The space where everything and nothing has been created and demolished all at once. It’s full of possibilities there and requires full attention and full surrender. Working within infinite limitation whilst grounding in boundaries… But in simple response, and in total presence of my humanbeingness, I try my best to just be. Smile, cry, sing, swim, walk, run, listen, look, question, seek, write, love and feel. Deeply.

Tree of Life Blog: Interview with Indigo Sparke

In my opinion, you are the perfect example of the divine feminine and the wild woman. I have noticed that you explore the many sides of femininity in your work…vulnerability, strength, sexuality…Have you always been so confident in your own skin, and in your own femininity?

Oh thank you so much! It’s really been a long journey! I think in this world, the unlearning and remembering process takes time, and deep cavernous excavating. It’s like becoming a historian into your own past stories. Sometimes it’s soul shattering, but it allows for growing pains, a shedding of skin, and a re-birth. I was always wild and fearless as a child, though through my conditioning I modified myself, my behaviour, my femininity and my fearless approach to reckless abandonment. It’s only really been in the last year that I have truly begun to settle into my bones and give myself full permission to surrender to those sides of myself without judgement.

Vulnerability, strength and sexuality are all really big themes amongst women. I feel there are so many dogmas attached to what it means to really be one or all of these things. Women are so tidal. And when we surrender to the flow of it all within us, naturally the vulnerability, strength and sexuality all co exist in total divine harmony. We beat with Pachamamas heart. She is unapologetically all these things, and totally feminine. And it’s the most beautiful thing in the world.

Tree of Life Blog: Interview with Indigo SparkeTree of Life Blog: Interview with Indigo Sparke

With a list so long of creative outlets, where did it all start? Was there an order or flow to your many titles? 

No order. But a perfect chaos I had to wade through. Gosh! Well I think we’re all intrinsically searching and yearning for that place that feels like home. So in the process of searching for home. I opened many doorways… and I guess that’s what all the creative outlets were.

As I look back now I can see that in some strange cosmic way it was all already mapped out. One thing propelled me towards the next. Forever with a burning curiosity to know if I would arrive at the place I had been searching for. I’ve stopped searching now. I’ve realised it’s like wondering what happens when you die.

That part, we know, is inevitable. But all the rest is a mystery and all we can do it feel for what feels true in each moment. So for the moment. Singing feels true and real and like home for me. It allows me a space to freely transmute, translate and transform all that I am and all that I feel in sharing story and sound. What’s been really amazing is seeing when people resonate with it!

Tree of Life Blog: Interview with Indigo SparkeTree of Life Blog: Interview with Indigo Sparke

In your many areas of work, I have noticed that Pachamama and nature is a common element. Am I correct in saying nature is a major influence to you? What else inspires you?

Yes, she is a huge influence and my greatest reflection. I find that the more time I commune with her, the more I sync to her rituals which reveals more about my own rituals and ceremony. There is a profound space and pace that she holds and once you step into that place, there is a lot to sit with and observe. Specifically the Ocean, I have, like many women a bit of a love affair with.

I think there are a endless world of metaphors and comparisons between woman and water and it makes us feel safe being able to identify with something so magnificently forceful and unpredictable. I’m also incredibly inspired by love, and the human condition. Love is the most inspiring thing that there is.

Tree of Life Blog: Interview with Indigo SparkeTree of Life Blog: Interview with Indigo Sparke

Do you have any role models?

I don’t have role models, no. I have a strong intuitive compass, and I trust it, and I trust that my vision for myself is enough. And that excites me. But here are a couple of people who are really inspiring me at the moment; I suggest checking out what they are up to!

Tiana Wallace – Master visionary, stylist, owner of Coven Shoppe, clean fashion enthusiast, highly intelligent, kind, and all round Wonder Woman, with a deeper understanding of life, it has taken me 25 years to come across a woman like her. She my darling sister witch wife. You can follow her here @tianawallace

Sharne Scott – Angel reincarnate, my guruji, sweetest Yogini I’ve ever met, co owner of the Coven Shoppe, and another of my sister witches. You can find her teaching yoga at Nature by Yoga if you live in the Byron area! Follow her via @sha.rne

Elijah Ray – A real beam of light, profound musician, also angel reincarnate, pioneer of thought, peaceful activist, pure soul, and all round inspiring kind man in this world. Yes they do exist! Follow him here @elijahraymusic

Tree of Life Blog: Interview with Indigo SparkeTree of Life Blog: Interview with Indigo SparkeTree of Life Blog: Interview with Indigo Sparke

Do you have a philosophy? 

Not really, it’s all so fluid, I can barely keep up with myself and all the changes that happen in a day let alone settle on any philosophy, but I like this quote: 

“…the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes “Awww!” – Jack Kerouac 

Tree of Life Blog: Interview with Indigo SparkeTree of Life Blog: Interview with Indigo SparkeTree of Life Blog: Interview with Indigo Sparke

What’s your opinion of modern day social media? 

It’s an interesting thing. I think like anything it has its positives and negatives. It really depends on what content is being shared, hows its being used, and how its being received. There is a place for it. It’s a wonderful tool for sharing creative arts and meeting people and collaboration, and its a really horrible tool that allows darkness and comparison to spread. I’m choosing to focus my energy on the light side of things and use it as a tool to spread a positive inspiring message, and to help lift others in their creative endeavours. 

Tree of Life Blog: Interview with Indigo SparkeTree of Life Blog: Interview with Indigo SparkeTree of Life Blog: Interview with Indigo Sparke

Lastly….some words to other women who also exploring their femininity and finding confidence in their choices, careers, emotions and bodies. Do you have any advise?

Listen to yourself. Listen to nature. Trust yourself. Ask questions. Be patient. Speak your truth. Walk fearlessly and gracefully. Be kind. Choose your words and actions mindfully. Act in integrity. Own your emotions. Take risks. Dance wildly. Be free. And look after yourself. We are all walking each other home. Its a tender journey. 

Tree of Life Blog: Interview with Indigo Sparke

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Interview & Images by Billie Edwards | Clothing by Tree of Life