: Attitude of Gratitude

One sunny winter day, we took some time out with vegan, writer and all ’round sweet heart, Jade Higgins on the north coast of NSW.


Jade Higgins

Star Sign:



I grew up in the Dandenong Ranges, Victoria – but now call the Northern Rivers home. 

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Describe personality in 3 words:

Golden Retriever x 3.

Tell me what you do: 

I write eBooks, make YouTube videos, eat amazing food and spend the rest of my time working at a beautiful crystal scattered property in Mullum. 

Almost three years ago you became a vegan and began a conscious lifestyle. What inspired this change?

Almost four years ago I watched a documentary by the name of “Earthlings” which pretty much rocked my world. I discovered the reality behind my food choices and decided that I couldn’t go back to my old ways. 

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And how have you changed?

I have definitely become a kinder person. I have discovered the true meaning of compassion & what it is to feel passionate about something. I have learnt more about myself and am more in touch with who I am and my beliefs! 

You’re currently creating your third vegan e-cook book! What can we expect?

It’s based around seasonal eating, which is something I really love. Lots of warming winter meals and information on herbs, spices and a bunch of other goodness! I’m really excited to share.

You began a beautiful project called ‘Gratitude is You’ on your Instagram account. Can you tell me more about the project?

In January my nine year old brother, Joshua, passed away. I had been struggling mentally with my grief and I thought I could direct it into a positive thing – thus, I created #gratitudeisyou, which is basically a little tag on Instagram. Over the course of ten days I encourage people to post a photo and caption sharing what they are grateful for. For some people it may be music, their lover, food, the sunset – whatever makes them feel alive! It’s beautiful to see hundreds of people coming together and sharing gratitude globally. I feel honoured to be apart of it. 

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You believe in the law of attraction and manifestation. Tell me more about this concept.

Wholeheartedly! I am very big on manifestation and believe that what we think, we become. I have received my dream job, a beautiful move, incredible friendships and opportunities…all of which I love to think are a product of the law of attraction. Basically, 8 months ago I wrote down my dream life in fine detail – now I am living it! 

I love that you strive to be honest and authentic with your followers online – sharing both the positive and negative emotions you experience, and encouraging a connection between your followers and yourself. I feel like this is a refreshing change for what we see online today. What’s your opinion of modern day social media?

Thank you so much, I appreciate your words! I feel very, very lucky to be in a position that enables me to connect with a large group of people daily. So I feel it only necessary to share goodness, positivity and truth. I know social media, and media in general can be heavily distorted and false – so I just try to be as truthful and open as I can be. 

I wish more people used their platform to share information and goodness- hopefully that’s not too far off! 🙂

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Do you have any role models?

I really admire my parents. I’m so proud of how they have handled themselves in a situation that no human – especially parents, should ever find themselves in. 

And lastly, do you have a philosophy?

Simply, be kind!

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You can follow along with the #gratitudeisyou project over on @theadventuresofjade

Photography & Words by Billie Edwards
Clothing by Tree of Life