: DIY Smudge Sticks

Smudge sticks are a simple to create, using dried herbs and flowers bound together and burned to cleanse a place of negative energies.

To start, set the space your will be working within to be calming and peaceful. You can burn a little incense and play some soft music in the background to help create a calming atmosphere.

What You’ll Need

Sage (green or white is fine)
Roses or Rose Petals
Pure cotton thread or fine string
Flower scissors

You can use other aromatic plants like lemon myrtle, just make sure the leaves are fresh and have no marks or signs of pests or diseases. We used fresh materials with the intention of drying them out. If you want to use your smudge stick immediately, you’ll need to use dry materials.

Tree of Life Blog: DIY Smudge Stick

How to Make Your Smudge Stick

Lay out all your materials and plan what you would like to have in your bundles. For our first bundle we used lavender, rosemary and sage.

Trim the materials for each bunch to the same length, leaving enough for a handle. We recommend 15 – 20cm so you have enough material to burn.

Layer you materials together – you can be as careful or messy as you like with this, layering them in groups or mixing together your stems. To recreate what we have below, keep your materials in groups and add in a few dried rose buds and petals in contrasting colours.

Secure your bundle of materials together with you string but leave a little length hanging loose to tie the ends together. Knot the end firmly and then wind your string up the bundle at a slight angle. This will allow you to cross the string over on your way back down the bundle. The finish product should keep your material secured tightly.

Tie off the ends, creating a little handle to hold while burning. If you used fresher materials, you won’t be able to burn it immediately as there is too much moisture still in the stems for them to burn properly. Instead, place your smudge sticks in a warm, dry position, preferably in the dark where it can dry out. This should take up to 4 weeks.

Scroll down for instructions on how to use your smudge stick.

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How to Use Your Smudge Stick

Lighting a smudge stick is similar to lighting incense. To light your smudge stick, hold the handle and point the opposite end over a flame. Once it lights, allow the flame to catch for a few seconds before putting it out but keeping the bundle burning low.

Wave the burning smudge stick gently around the space, person or object you would like to cleanse. Keep the burning end over a plate or bowl to catch the ash as it falls, just make sure it is something that can take the heat.

Smudging is something you can do any time and while it’s often used to cleanse the energy from a particular place or object, it can also be good for relaxing or focusing your energy and thoughts.

If you create your own smudge sticks, share your results with us on Instagram by tagging @treeoflife_love and using #treeloves


Clothing & Jewellery by Tree of Life
Photography by Britt Murphy | Smudge sticks by Leesa Mealing