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Tree of Life Blog: Bali Bliss with the Tree Tribe

Each year we run a competition between all of our 44 stores for 6 hard working women to win a week of relaxation and pampering at a secret location…

This year’s winners, Georgia, Desiree, Sharon, Kat, Ash and Jordy traveled to Bali accompanied by our digital marketing guru (and sometimes campaign model), Billie and our graphic designer, Leesa, for a luxurious holiday filled with lots of swimming, shopping, pampering and delicious food!

Day 1

After flying from Australia to Denpasar, Bali, our group was picked up and driven to our accommodation, the lush Hotel Villa Puri Angsa. Nestled amongst beautiful greenery with private bungalows for all, we settled in with a relaxing swim in the pool before freshening up and heading to dinner at La Laguna to watch the sunset while we bonded over tasty food and ice cold cocktails.
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Day 2

The next day started early, with Ash, our future yogi, practicing her yoga poses before we ate a delicious breakfast of banana pancakes, fresh fruit and dragon fruit smoothies prepared by our kind hosts.

With some of our group having visited Bali before, and others on their first time, our group split in two. One group stayed close to home, surfing and sun bathing at some of the local beaches while our other group took a day trip to Ubud. The first was to a silversmith to see them make intricate silver jewellery, before a little shopping and bartering in the store attached. Next stop was the Tegenungan Waterfalls, although sadly after walking all the way down the steep steps in the humidity, we were unable to swim due to the ferocity of the falls on that day. We trekked back up the stairs and had fresh ice cold coconuts at the top to cool off before jumping back into the air conditioned comfort of our van with lovely driver Dego.

We then visited the Cekingan Rice Terraces, taking in the lush tropical views before heading to our final destination for the day, Ubud Markets. We wandered down the narrow weaving aisles, our senses overloaded by the sights and smells, our bags steadily filling with Balinese treasures to take home for loved ones. We enjoyed a big tasty dinner of mi goreng before heading back in the dark to our beautiful villa.

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Day 3

Our day started slow, with lazy swims and chats by the pool, before wandering just down the street to our favourite breakfast spot, Peloton Supershop, for healthy smoothies and nutritious breakie bowls!

At 3pm we headed to Prana Day Spa. It looked a little like a palace and we were treated like queens, pampered with massages, polished with heavenly scrubs and soothed with petal baths and ginger tea. Our skin glowing, we dressed to go to Seminyak, for a little shop before our big dinner at the vibrant restaurant and bar, Mexicola. The music was loud and the people were as colourful as the furnishings! Such a fun night!

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Day 4

After our night out, we still managed to pull ourselves out of bed for yet another big and healthy breakfast at Peloton Supershop. The day was spent at the villa, doing mini photoshoots, swimming in the pool, listening to good music and chatting about everything and nothing. Such a beautiful way to spend such a hot day!

For dinner, we trekked over to Canggu for a tasty vegetarian feast at Shady Shack before heading home to pack and enjoy our last night at our villa.

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 Day 5

We were up at out the door early, after a quick breakfast prepared by our villa hosts of fresh fruit and dragon fruit smoothies. Our little convoy of two vans drove us to Sanur where we boarded a fast ferry that took us over Nusa Lembongan. Crystal waters and soft white sand greeted us on the other side. We loaded ourselves along with our baggage into the back of a truck and drove a winding path to our accommodation, the gorgeous C-View Villas, tucked away amongst the lush trees.

After a quick dip in the pool to cool off, we grabbed our gear and headed back to the beach where a smaller boat awaited us, ready to take us snorkeling. We swam with a great big manta ray, colourful little fishies, found patches of coral and an under water temple! So cool!! Exhausted from our day of swimming, we returned to our accomodation to relax by the pool with a cold drink, staying in for dinner and packing for our final day in Bali.

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Day 6

We were up bright and early with the sun to take a few snaps and be ready for our ride back to Bali.

We ate a quick breakfast of fresh fruit and banana pancakes together before journeying back by boat to Sanur. There we were picked up by a mini bus and taken to our base for the day, Villa La Lu in Seminyak. Some relaxed in the private plunge pool, others did last minute shopping, stocking up on souvenirs and silver jewellery.

Our group gathered together one final time for a very late lunch at Shelter. Back at Villa La Lu we did one final pack of our bags and said our farewells before half of our girls flew back to Brisbane. The Sydney group left a hour or so later and so ended our adventures in Bali. Luckily we have all these beautiful photos to share and the memories that go along with it…

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Big thanks to Tree of Life for our beautiful Bali holiday!
xx Love your Bali Bliss Babes
Billie, Kat, Ash, Jordy, Des, Georgia, Shaz & Leesa