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Tree Of Life Blog: Blackmarket Boo

Meet the colourful designer behind our quirky range of signature hand drawn prints, Blackmarket Boo


We visited the delightful Blackmarket Boo in her candy floss studio where she creates her magical print designs and asked her about her background and influences.

“I like graceful lines. I’m influenced by the 1920s fashion illustrations of Erte, and I used to read a lot of 90’s Betty and Veronica comics growing up, because they were easy to find in airports while travelling endlessly throughout my childhood. I always loved The Phantom, but only the ones from the 1930s-1950s with artwork by Ray Moore and Wilson McCoy.”

Educated in anatomy at the Aegean Centre for Fine Arts, Blackmarket Boo began simplifying the more complex human shapes into more printable forms. So how did she make the leap to fashion?

“My themes are usually weird and fantastical or humorous – gremlins, dark queens, magical horsies. I’m very jealous of kids because they get the best clothes. They get all the awesome prints so I decided to make some for adults. Clothes are so good for starting conversations! When you’re at a party full of glamorous and intimidating party I love having clothes as an icebreaker.”

We will be featuring the artists behind our T-shirt’s, cards and textiles design over the coming collections.

Stay tuned!


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