: Splendour Style

Were you spotted rocking Tree of Life goodies?

Here’s the best fashion we captured this year at the festival in between all of the glitter, magic and dancing.

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 _DSC0203 _DSC0208 _DSC0212 _DSC0213 _DSC0214 _DSC0215 _DSC0221 _DSC0225 _DSC0227 _DSC0229 _DSC0230 _DSC0239 _DSC0244 _DSC0250 _DSC0259 _DSC0260 _DSC0261  _DSC0268  _DSC0271 _DSC0280 _DSC0283 _DSC0284 _DSC0286 _DSC0288 _DSC0293 _DSC0297 _DSC0298 _DSC0314 _DSC0318 _DSC0338 _DSC0343 _DSC0344 _DSC0360 _DSC0364 _DSC0371 _DSC0380 _DSC0385 _DSC0389 _DSC0392 _DSC0397 _DSC0408 _DSC0410 _DSC0411 _DSC0414 _DSC0417 _DSC0428 _DSC0430 _DSC0432 _DSC0433 _DSC0434  _DSC0466 _DSC0469 _DSC0471 _DSC0478 _DSC0480 _DSC0482 _DSC0490 _DSC0494 _DSC0495 _DSC0497 _DSC0500 _DSC0504 _DSC0507 _DSC0508  _DSC0526 _DSC0528 _DSC0542 _DSC0545 _DSC0548 _DSC0556 _DSC0561 _DSC0563 _DSC0570  _DSC0578 _DSC0592 _DSC0595 _DSC0597 _DSC0603 _DSC0629 _DSC0630 _DSC0633 _DSC0635 _DSC0637  _DSC0648 _DSC0661

Photography: Kat Youngberry
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