: Made In Nepal – The Eco Collection

Our Made in Nepal collection is one of our favourites and it is easy to see why. Beautiful clothes made by the beautiful Nepalese people. It’s easy wear, 100% cotton and the most delicious colours.

Well get ready to fall in love all over again! Our girl Billie Edwards travelled to Nepal on a recent buying trip with Tree Founder Wendy Borthwick, and they worked on a brand new collection made from eco-friendly hemp!
We chatted to Billie about her inspo behind the collection and her favourite pieces for summer.

Well done on this beautiful collection Billie, tell us about your inspiration behind the hemp story

A lot of the inspiration came from what I want in my backpack when I’m travelling. I wanted to make easy wear clothing that you can wear over and over again and not get sick of. Clothing that you could mix and match together easily. Pieces you can layer when you’re required to be modest, and pieces that are perfect to throw on at home by the sea.
I was also excited to play with sustainable fibres like hemp and bamboo. They are such beautiful good-for-the-earth fibres, and it’s so wonderful to get to introduce them into the Tree family!

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The colours are truly delicious too! So earthy and amazing. Why these colours?

Exactly, the earth! There’s something about subdued and natural colours that I love. Maybe’s a little bit of a vintage feel to them.
When I’m shopping in Indian markets, I always ask the shop keeper for the sample piece that has been hanging in the harsh direct sun for years. I just find the older sun bleached piece much more beautiful. I also love how the colours all naturally go together quite well. Mix and matching made easy.

It’s such an amazing privilege to travel to see the workers create these collections. Tell us about working in Nepal and the process.

It was beautiful. Nepal is a very special place with such beautiful people. The process begins with talking to our amazing manufacturer in Kathmandu about the collection and what we want to achieve. We will go through ‘bodies’ (the shapes of each garment) and begin our first draft of these in a sample fabric. Usually we’ll require a little tweak here and there.

Once we are happy, we choose the fabric and colour! (My favourite part). Choosing the fabric depends on each unique garment, as fibres act and fall differently. Sometimes we would go downtown into the market and hunt for the perfect fabric. Colour selection is usually done by selecting from our huge colour swatch collection. But if we want a unique new colour or to experiment a little, we chat to our dyers – and they come back with magic. We’ll then add specifics like certain styles of embroidery and wooden buttons etc. And then all of a sudden, it’s come together! 

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What are your favourite pieces and how will you style them this Summer.

I can’t stop wearing my Molly Dress is cream. I wear it with no shoes usually, a woven basket and messy hair.
I also love the Gaia Bamboo Top because it literally goes with absolutely everything, including my obsessive denim collection.

What’s next? Any trips coming up?

Nope! Not at this stage. I’m very happy keeping my feet still and enjoying a sleepy summer in Byron. 

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