: Bathe in love

Draw your own selflove bath

Show yourself some love & relaxation this Valentines Day.

‘Tis the season of love. Take a little time for yourself this lovers day to treat yourself to our beautiful rose bath. Rebalance your body, lift energy levels & bring calm.

You will need:
– One cup of epsom salts
– One bunch of dried lavender
– Two tablespoons of sweet almond oil
– Three drops of organic lavender oil
– Three sprigs of fresh rosemary
– Five rose buds
– Tea lights & pillar candles
– Your favourite crystals
– A glass of water for hydration

Your bath:
– Run water at your desired temp

We love a cool bath on a Summer afternoon.

– While running, pour in oil blend.
– Cut lavender into short buds, save the falloff.
– Cut roses to buds and set flowers aside.
– Pour epsom salts in and stir through.
– Sprinkle lavender, roses and rosemary into water.

Light your candles, incense and immerse yourself in the soothing calm. A guided meditation or relaxing tune is also a great aaddition.

Shower alternatives:
For our gals without a bath, this recipe can be tailored for the ultimate shower scrub.

Combine one cup of epsom salts with about 1/3 cup almond oil and lavender flowers. Mix the ingredients into a bowl to create an exfoliating paste. Apply the scrub to your body using your hands and rinse well.

Happy Valentines, lovers.

Draw your own selflove bath Draw your own selflove bath Draw your own selflove bath Draw your own selflove bath Draw your own selflove bath

Photography & Words: Britt Murphy