: An ethical reflection on Earth Day

While we continue to improve our environmental impact, there are some positive projects we’ve been supporting since the beginning, and a few new changes we are proud of too.

Since the beginning of Tree Of Life, we have intuitively created zero waste projects from remnant fabrics. After all, that’s the Indian way.

We have always only used recycled paper shopping bags in our stores and have recently introduced compostable postage bags in our webshop.

There are important changes we still need to make but we will continue to be committed to a more sustainable business approach.

Tree Of Life Blog: Returning to the Motherland

You all know and love our 100% recycled sari skirts which we have stocked since the ’60’s. We have added many favourite styles such as the Sophie Top to this collection.

We also make scrunchies and eco bags from remnant sari, handblock and other favourite fabrics for more zero waste products.

Our beloved Auroville Knitwear Collection is made from 100% Organic Cotton, and we have recently introduced amazing eco friendly Hemp fabric into our Made In Nepal collection.

To learn more about our ethics and sustainability, click here.

Happy Earth Day, Tree Tribe