: Who Made Your Clothes?

We are grateful for the Fashion Revolution and the profound effect the movement is leaving on the fashion industry. We welcome the call for safe and fair work places, and we stand with anybody and everybody who demands an overriding respect for all people, but especially those who make our beautiful clothes.

We consider many of our overseas partners to be life long friends. We are ever grateful for their commitment and expertise that they offer our business every day.

We have been working with our main overseas partners for nearly 30 years. We are proud of the companies we work with and see our relationship with them as a collaboration. We have always been committed to working with companies who provide safe and fair working conditions for their workers.

We have always cared deeply for the people and the countries that nourish our business and are committed to our charity projects in India and Nepal.

We would also like to remember the 1134 lives lost in the Rana Plaza Tragedy in 2013. To the families of those who perished, we stand with you to make a difference so that such tragedy is not felt at the hands of this industry again.

So, who does make your clothes?