: Build Your Own Potted Herb Garden

Introduce some fresh homegrown goodness to your space this season. Here’s our simple guide to designing your own boho potplant garden.


Choose your pots:
The right pot can make or break a potted garden in weeks. Select a container that has proper drainage and is big enough to allow growth.
We’ve selected gorgeous earthy terracotta pots for our terrace, meaning our soil will dry out faster. Balance this effect with quality potting mix and regularly check if your plant babies need water.

Get to know your light:
When planning out your garden, take notice of how light comes and goes around your home. We are planting on a balcony that gets a lot of dappled light throughout the day, but not a lot of direct full sun. Plants that need more light are put higher up, and so on.


Here are a few of our favourite plant babies to get you started.

Basil will grow well in a spot that gets 6-8 hours of full sun each day but will also grow in partial light. Try and keep your soil moist, but well-drained… these babies love moisture!
Basil tip: Regularly prune your basil to promote growth. Basil tends to not like cold temperatures, so we have ours placed next to a sunny window on a protected balcony.

Parsley is a super hardy, easy to grow herb that looks so vibrant when well cared for. The ‘curly’ variation will grow best in a part-sun position.
Parsley tip: To harvest, snip off at the base of a stem. The more you harvest, the more you get. Parsley is a thirsty plant and will love you if you water it every second morning.

The perfect container herb. Put your mint in a sunny position and will thrive when regularly pinched back.
Mint tip: While some herbs can be planted together, mint doesn’t play well with others. Keep your mint in a separate, large pot and watch it flourish.

This gorgeous cottage garden herb gives off a beautiful fresh scent. This is a great starter herb for those busy plant mamas as Thyme needs only a little water to thrive.

This pretty, leafy plant does well in partially shady balcony gardens but also enjoys full sun. Sage is a fan of drier soil, so take care not to overwater.
Sage tip: Sage flowers are bee-friendly and will bloom in late spring or summer.

Coriander is a sensitive little soul and doesn’t like drastic change. After repotting, it will be a little sad for a few days – do not fear! Give it some water every few days and watch it flourish.