: Our Little Flower Farm

The most beautiful blooms!
The gorgeous selection used for our Honesyuckle Rose campaign

We love to use beautiful flowers in our beautiful campaigns and we really hit the jackpot when we met and fell in love with Hannah & Jesha of Our Little Flower Farm. Based in the little town of Coraki in the Northern Rivers, Hannah & Jesha are dedicated to sustainable flowers and growing the most delightful blooms. We work with Our Little Flower Farm on nearly all our campaigns to bring that special magic that comes with fresh flowers. We asked Hannah a few questions about her life with flowers.

Your flowers are beautiful! Locally grown and locally loved. How did you get started?

I lived in Cape York as a teenager and had to grow food to eat so that is where gardening started. I studied textile design at RMIT and love colour & design but after having six babies studio work became difficult. We moved back to our old farm house by the river at Coraki five years a go and this reality started.

Apart from frolicking in flower fields I imagine flower farming is a lot of hard work! What keeps you motivated to keep going?

My husband Jesha is a landscaper and he got the order happening on our farm…. straight beds, irrigation plans and all of the things that my creative mind struggled with at first.

One of our favourite flowers, the paper daisy!

Sustainability and the environment are talked about a lot lately, what are your top tips to really make a difference?

Do whatever you can do daily. Don’t make it a stress. As it becomes stressful and a panic, less happens. The planet will actually bounce back, it is our habitation of the planet that is in jeopardy.

Flowers getting prepped for their campaign debut!

How can we grow beautiful flowers at home?

We absolutely would love everyone to grow their own.

Research what grows seasonally in your region and start cultivating healthy soil. Start stalking small scale flower farmers online pages in your area and ask for information. Trust your instincts! There are no solid rules with gardening except keep it natural and look after the bugs and the soil.

What are your favourite flowers?

It is impossible for me to name my fave flower! Every time I make a decision and choose one I get an overwhelming feeling that I’m cheating on the others.

Beautiful locally & sustainably grown carnations from

Interview & Styling by Abigael Whittaker

Photography by Britt Murphy

Flowers by Our Little Flower Farm